The organization that focuses on Serving Humanity & Empowering Communities

Who Are We

We are a diverse team of passionate individuals united by a common goal: to uplift communities and build a more equitable and sustainable future for the marginalized communities we serve.

At OSHR, we believe in the power of collective action to create positive change in the communities we serve. Founded on the principles of compassion, solidarity, and resilience, our NGO is dedicated to serving humanity in times of need.

Through our various initiatives and programs, we strive to address pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges, working hand in hand with local partners and stakeholders to foster lasting impact. Join us in our mission to serve humanity and build a brighter tomorrow.

Our Mission

OSHR saves lives and transforms societies by responding to emergencies and enhancing resilience through education, health, social protection, livelihood skills, and community development services.

Our Key Priorities

We work in communities with women, children, men boys and girls, disabled women and men who   are socially and economically marginalized. We support them to be better aware of their human rights and to become self-reliant.

Our 6-D Intervention Process

01. Discover

In this process we aim to discover vulnerable households (HHS) in targeted areas per our donors, stakeholders and partner organizations’ demand or we conduct our own needs assessments / surveys for future plans in coordination with the stakeholders  

02. Define

Through this  phase of the process we aim to define the vulnerable households, gender wise 

03. Design

Approaching this phase, we design the plan  how to reach esteemed assistance to vulnerable members of the targeted community  through the most effective and efficient procedures considering our donors rules and regulations and the internal SOPs and policies.  

04. Develop

Reaching this phase of the process we develop all the operational required arrangements for the aimed intervention and assistance to be delivered 

05. Deploy

At this point of the process we deploy and assign our expert and trained team members  to properly under take the interventions per the  policies and rules of all engaged stakeholders 

06. Deliver

The stage where we final deliver the esteemed  assistance to the vulnerable HHS in our areas of work and complete all the official activities in cooperation with our donors. 

Geographic Reach

OSHR, an Afghan National NGO  registered with Ministry of Economy, is legally operational in the country 


North Region

We currently do not have operational activities in this region. 

South Region

We are currently operational at this region. 

East Region

We currently do not have operational activities in this region.

West Region

Our Projects in Numbers

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