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Emergency Response

Afghanistan during the last four decades has endured a devastating conflict and frequent natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes and avalanches taking a toll on the children and vulnerable communities of Afghanistan. The emergencies has made the children more vulnerable to malnutrition, disease and violence. The multifaceted situation in the country with immense food insecurity necessitates increased humanitarian needs, with each day passing. The IDPs who find it difficult to return native communities create new demands of services, as they require new setup of living and livelihood both for IDPs and host communities. OSHR always reaches the mentioned population having applied its localized approaches—making it possible to provide children, women and marginalized communities affected by emergencies with safe water and sanitation, psychosocial support, nutrition and protection. OSHR considers it as a first priority to actively participate with WASH, ES/NFI and FSAC clusters, which ensure essential coordination and mechanisms in emergencies and crises i.e. to support partners to plan and response effectively and make population to recover from emergencies.

Food Security

The origin of food insecurity in Afghanistan is low employment rate and opportunities, considerably low wages and household income, insufficient agriculture and livestock production, insufficient water resources for agriculture and access to drinking water—enhanced by the displacement and complex factors of conflict and insecurity. OSHR is a national partner of Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC), orienting its actions to bring together national and international humanitarian partners, improving the effectiveness of humanitarian assistance on the lives of crises affected population of Afghanistan.

Child Protection

Internal displacement of more than one million people and inadequate protection services particularly in remote and conflict zones there is a widespread failure to promote and protect the right of children. More than 50% of Afghanistan’s population is of age under 18, facing severe situations of conflicts, abuse, displacement, poverty and detrimental social norms and practices.


Decades of conflict besides other devastating consequences has considerably spoiled the education system of Afghanistan. With 9 million children in schools by now, the continuous armed conflict, make the education a distant dream for many Afghan children. OSHR mission is to advocate and strive for the Afghan children right to education, those live in remote, hard to reach and conflict zones.


Despite of billions of dollars poured into aid since 2001, Afghanistan health system still struggles to provide its people with basic right to health. For sure, Afghanistan is one of the most protracted humanitarian emergencies in the world, characterized by ongoing and wide-scale conflict and displacement, as well as natural disasters; however, the gaps could be reduced through effective planning since 2001.

Social & Economy Development

As a dominant factor, war, conflict, invasion and occupation during last four decades has significantly hampered the social and economic development of Afghanistan. The factors make Afghanistan 169th of the poorest county in the world and according to UNDP’s human development index it’s the poorest country in Asia i.e. after 20 years of international assistance with billions of dollars in aid Afghanistan is still in state of social, economic and political chaos and an intense need is sought for viable, sustainable social and economic development.


Though Afghanistan has made since 2001 such establishing National Environmental Agency (NEPA) in 2005 and enactment of Environmental Law in 2007, however, Coupled with drought and earthquakes, decades of conflict and violence had a devastating impacts not only on the people, but also on its natural resources of Afghanistan, once untouched and rich in biological diversity.

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